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Cleaning and Maintenance of Cast Iron Grills

Cleaning and Maintenance of Cast Iron Grills

Spring is just around the corner… no seriously… it may not look like it outside but it’s coming (we promise!).

When the fresh smell of Spring is in the air, it can only mean one thing…. Okay well it might mean a lot of great things but to us at Patio Palace it means – BBQ season! With great weather, comes great food and you can make the best of your grilling season this year with a cast iron grill! Many people steer away from cast iron grills because of the care and maintenance associated with them, but it’s not so bad! Below are some quick easy tips for cleaning and maintaining your cast iron grill.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Cast Iron Grills

First Time Use
Wash thoroughly with mild dishwashing liquid. Rise with hot water and dry completely. NOTE: Before ANY grilling can happen you must season the grates before to prevent rust and keep foods from sticking.

Porcelain Coating
Cast iron grills are coated with a durable porcelain enamel to assist in cleaning and reduce food from sticking to the grill. This is essentially a glass coating. Some chipping may occur if mishandled. This will not affect the use or performance of your grill. If some rust appears, remove the rust with a scrub pad and re-season the grill.

Season Properly for Preventative Maintenance
Why it is important to season cast iron grills? Just like a cast iron pan it is necessary to season and re-season cast iron cooking grills since the oil will help protect the porcelain coating, decrease sticking and protect the grills from rusting.

What to Use to Season your Grills
Vegetable shortening is recommended for the initial seasoning, vegetable oil or olive oil also work. Do not use Pam or other non-stick sprays since they just burn off and do not protect the grills at all. Spread a thin coating of vegetable shortening over the entire surface of the grills with a paper towel. Be sure to cover all the surface including corners. Preheat grill for 10 minutes on HIGH. Turn burners to MEDIUM with lid closed. Allow grill to heat for 30 minutes. Turn all burners off; leaving grills inside until they are cool. You are now ready to use your grills.

Re-Seasoning Your Cast Iron Grill
After each use the grills may be re-seasoned by coating with a solid unsalted vegetable shortening, oil or olive oil. Close the grill until everything is cooled.

Need help picking out the perfect Cast Iron Grill for BBQ success? We might know a thing or two! Come visit us at Patio Palace!

Happy Grilling!

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