Top 5 Grilling BBQ Mistakes

Posted by Lindsay McAfrey on June 27, 2018 0 Comments
Top 5 BBQ Grilling MistakesSummer is here and grilling season is in full effect!

Before you fire up the grill, find out if you are making these top 5 BBQ grilling mistakes (and then correct them).

  1. No Propane
    No gas, no cooking.  Imagine you are hankering for a good steak dinner and off you go from work get home and only to realize you are out of fuel, or the beautiful gathering of friends is ruined because you begin grilling and halfway through you run out of gas. The best way to combat this is to be prepared.  Always check the level of propane in your tank.  Best of all invest in a backup tank and be sure it is filled at all times. Or consider a natural gas grill.

  1. Wrong Tools
    Do you know how to use the tools for the barbecue correctly? How often have you seen someone cooking a fragile piece of chicken or fish and attempt to flip it over with a pair of tongs, what a disaster!  Key utensils are important.  A really good set of tongs for flipping steak and hot dogs.  A large, heavy spatula that you can you for burgers, fish and delicate meats and vegetables.  Not only will your food look better it will make your cooking experience easier.

  1. Too Hot
    Overcooking your food. Remember cooking on a low to medium heat best cooks your foods steady and evenly.  Charring is not good and a burnt meal is not appealing.  Slow and steady goes the process.  Why not enjoy the barbecuing, take time to smell the roses and savour the experience!

  1. Undercooked Food
    Not sure how to use your meat thermometer well that too can be a disaster! Placement of the thermometer will vary the temperature of the food.  The best way is to take the temperature of the food from its side.  This will give you a better reading on the temps before you either overcook or undercook your masterpiece.

  1. Attitude
    We can explain... like most of us, we seem to feel that we can do it on the fly, no prep needed, no questions asked, just go with it! Well, when organizing a BBQ, setting the menu and preparing prior to the BBQ can be a lifesaver. Study what you are cooking, how long will it take, and what temperature best suits that type of cooking.  Line up the tools you will need.  Chose your flavours accordingly and research your meats.  A recipe is best followed if you spend some time pondering the flavours and the time it will take. Once you have this figured out in advance there is less of a chance of messing it up.  So each meal then is tasty and flawless. 

All of these common BBQ grilling mistakes can be easily fixed, especially now that you know how common they really are.

Good Luck Grill Master!

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Cleaning Tips for Your BBQ Grill

Posted by Paul Fanson on March 31, 2017 0 Comments
Cleaning Tips for your BBQ Grill

What’s the secret to successful grilling?

It all starts with a clean grill! But no one wants to spend all their time cleaning the grill – your grill should be used and used often with little maintenance and we agree! So here are some low maintenance tips for cleaning your BBQ to keep you grilling for a long time.

Cleaning the Burner

Remove all burners and inspect for cracks and holes. Clean tubes using a pipe cleaner or brush to eliminate blockages caused by spiders or insects.

Cleaning the Sear Plates or Flav-R-Waves

Using a stainless steel brush scrape off any residue that has accumulated on the on them. If your sear plates are not stainless steel be sure to use a light weight brush or scrubby as to not remove the porcelain finish on them. If the finish is falling apart and there are visible holes its time to replace them.

Cleaning the Barbecue Housing (including bottom and top of it)

Remove and scrape the inside of the housing using a brush, removing all bits, grease and carbon that has been built up over the year. Be sure to then remove all the bits that have fallen to the bottom of the housing with either a shop vac or sponging it clean. Next invest in a good degreaser to clean the interior of the grill. These can be found at your local Barbecue store - like Patio Palace :).

Be sure it has a degreaser element in it to remove the grease build up. Rinse thoroughly after this is done. Most barbecue manufacturers do not recommend anything like oven cleaner since it can be corrosive. Clean the outside of the housing with a degreasing solution. If your grill is stainless steel use a good stainless steel cleaner that removes all grease and bring back its shiny exterior.

Pull Out Grease Tray or Drawer

Grease holding devices vary from barbecue to barbecue and are usually located directly below the hole in which grease will drain and may be accessible either from the rear of the barbecue, through the front doors or by pulling out tray below the grilling surface. The foil pans that hold the grease should be checked and cleaned or replaced regularly to prevent grease from building up which can cause fires and damage when it overflows either to the bottom of the grill or your patio.

A Sparkling Exterior

Barbecues today come with many exterior finishes ranging from cast aluminum, stainless steel, or porcelain. On cast housing white oxidation spots can appear, clean the outside with a mild soap and water solution, then rinse. Using a cloth dipped in cooking oil can restore some of the luster to cast housings. For stainless steel outside finishes us a good stainless steel cleaner that will clean and shine up the stainless. Follow the instructions on the bottle for the best way to use them.

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Cleaning and Maintenance of Cast Iron Grills

Posted by Paul Fanson on March 23, 2017 0 Comments

Spring is just around the corner… no seriously… it may not look like it outside but it’s coming (we promise!).

When the fresh smell of Spring is in the air, it can only mean one thing…. Okay well it might mean a lot of great things but to us at Patio Palace it means – BBQ season! With great weather, comes great food and you can make the best of your grilling season this year with a cast iron grill! Many people steer away from cast iron grills because of the care and maintenance associated with them, but it’s not so bad! Below are some quick easy tips for cleaning and maintaining your cast iron grill.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Cast Iron Grills

First Time Use
Wash thoroughly with mild dishwashing liquid. Rise with hot water and dry completely. NOTE: Before ANY grilling can happen you must season the grates before to prevent rust and keep foods from sticking.

Porcelain Coating
Cast iron grills are coated with a durable porcelain enamel to assist in cleaning and reduce food from sticking to the grill. This is essentially a glass coating. Some chipping may occur if mishandled. This will not affect the use or performance of your grill. If some rust appears, remove the rust with a scrub pad and re-season the grill.

Season Properly for Preventative Maintenance
Why it is important to season cast iron grills? Just like a cast iron pan it is necessary to season and re-season cast iron cooking grills since the oil will help protect the porcelain coating, decrease sticking and protect the grills from rusting.

What to Use to Season your Grills
Vegetable shortening is recommended for the initial seasoning, vegetable oil or olive oil also work. Do not use Pam or other non-stick sprays since they just burn off and do not protect the grills at all. Spread a thin coating of vegetable shortening over the entire surface of the grills with a paper towel. Be sure to cover all the surface including corners. Preheat grill for 10 minutes on HIGH. Turn burners to MEDIUM with lid closed. Allow grill to heat for 30 minutes. Turn all burners off; leaving grills inside until they are cool. You are now ready to use your grills.

Re-Seasoning Your Cast Iron Grill
After each use the grills may be re-seasoned by coating with a solid unsalted vegetable shortening, oil or olive oil. Close the grill until everything is cooled.

Need help picking out the perfect Cast Iron Grill for BBQ success? We might know a thing or two! Come visit us at Patio Palace!

Happy Grilling!

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Why Buy A Valor Gas Fireplace at Patio Palace

Posted by Paul Fanson on February 02, 2017 0 Comments

When looking for a fireplace we all want something that looks great, works efficiently and will keep you warm through those cold days of winter - Valor gas fireplaces fit the bill. Selling Valor Gas Fireplaces at Patio Palace has been our success story for years – Why? Because we love how they work so much so that we have put them in our own homes. They grabbed our attention since day one. We want the best for our homes and that is why we want you to have the best for your home too.



Valor Gas Fireplaces - Patio Palace

They are “The Original Radiant Gas Fireplace.” They are the originators of units that radiate not only beauty from their designs but are efficient radiant heaters. Radiant heat warms the items in your so they will then too radiate warmth. Picture how warm a room gets when the sum is beating in. This is true even in the dead of winter. This allows you to Zone Heat your room which means you are heating the rooms you are in and using and not the areas you are not. This allows you to save on your heating bills and gives you the warmth and comfort you need in the rooms you use.


The Valor Fireplaces do not need a fan to blow heat out. Again another savings to the consumer since you don’t need to pay electrical bills for your fireplace. This also means that the fireplace is not dependent on electricity to keep you warm so if the power goes out no problem your Valor fireplace will still work like it always does. Heating you through your electrical black out and best of all there is no noise since there is no fan. No noise means you don’t have to raise the volume on your television or talk louder to your family and friends.

Valor Gas Fireplaces - Patio Palace - No Electricity Needed










Valor fireplaces allow the consumer to customize their style to each and every unit. With a wide range of bed options and face plates as well as trim kits and back liners. You create the style you want to best fit your design tastes.

Valor Gas Fireplaces - Beautifully Designed

They make a wide variety of fireplaces to best suit your needs including new constructions or replacing a wood burning unit in a masonry fireplace. Designs from modern to traditional styles.



Valor is consistently developing new ways to help to heat your home more efficiently. First the use of fans were eliminated, so no electricity is required. Now the latest development is the HEAT SHIFT TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM. This system is now available for many of the models that Valor carries and soon will be avaiable for all their units.


It is designed to reduce the surface temperatures. This system is especially recommended when adding a wall mounted television above the fireplace or when using sensitive materials on the wall. By raising the heat outlet, it improves conventional air flow Excess warm air is then circulated back into the room at a higher elevation.

Valor Gas Fireplaces - Patio Palace


Valor Advantages


Valor Heatshift System - Patio Palace

Valor suggest the Advantages of using this system are:

• Reduces wall temperatures above fireplace - ideal if placing a wall mounted TV or heat sensitive materials

• Run combustible finishing materials right up to the fireplace surround - maximizing installation opportunities

• Excess warm air is circulated back into the room at a higher elevation - improving overall performance

• Up to 60% of fireplace heat rises and flows through the Heat Shift System and back into the room

• Heat is elevated naturally using gravity and Valor product ingenuity

• No reliance on electricity or a noisy fan operation

• Sleek heat outlet or hidden wall valance - providing heat distribution back into the living space

• Easily paint the plenums or grilles to match your style


Contact Patio Palace today and start to enjoy the beauty, efficiency and warmth of a Valor Gas Fireplace.

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Easy Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Posted by Paul Fanson on December 05, 2016 0 Comments

Let’s stop for a second, before we make the fire place roar -  we need to make sure we do our proper gas fireplace maintenance to get us out of these frigid temperatures into that relaxing comfort that our gas fire place has brought to us over the years. We all know that it can bring us great enjoyment and relaxation, but how do we take care of a gas fireplace? Here are our recommendations at Patio Palace for easy gas fireplace maintenance so we keep that fire place running smoothly.

Easy Gas Fireplace Maintenenace

1. Clean your unit’s glass on both sides with a specific fire place glass cleaner. Do not use ammonia based products as that will deteriorate the glass. This will help prevent the glass from becoming cloudy. If left unclean for a long period of time, this cloudy effect may become a permanent quality of the glass, preventing you from enjoying the full effect of your fire.

2. While the glass door is opened, this is a good time to check and see if there is any dust, dirt, or spider-web build-up inside your fireplace. Take the time to clean whatever you see so keep the unit running smoothly.

3. Depending on the age of the fireplace, now is a good time to check the door and its surroundings. Make sure the glass door is fit securely, especially on older units.

4. Check if the gasket is cracked or is missing pieces. The gasket should be located either on the glass door or outside around the firebox. Check your owner’s manual for the exact location. If the gasket is damaged in any way, it should be replaced immediately.

5. Finally, if your gas fireplace is vented, check your unit's outside vent. Scan and see if there is any debris (like leaves or nests) in or around the vent. If you do find something, carefully remove the debris to be sure that your fireplace runs smoothly. If the vent is damaged, be sure to replace or repair it.

6. If the units have any remotes that help them to function this is the time to replace the batteries, in both the remote and the receiver. The how to’s should be in your manual.

     There you have it – 6 easy gas fireplace maintenance tips that are sure to have you relaxing in comfort with your mug of hot cocoa in no time.

     I really can't stay - Baby it's cold outside

    I've got to go away - Baby it's cold outside
    This evening has been - Been hoping that you'd drop in
    So very nice - I'll hold your hands, they're just like ice

    My mother will start to worry - Beautiful, what's your hurry?
    Father will be pacing the floor - Listen to the fireplace roar


    Sincerely Yours,

    Patio Pal

     P.S. If it’s time for a new gas fireplace  - Patio Palace offers a variety of amazing options from brand names such as Valor, Dimplex and Napoleon for any room of your home. We have two locations for your convenience – Windsor, Ontario and London, Ontario. Call us with any questions!

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