Kamado Joe Charcoal BBQ

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Home Kamado Joe Charcoal BBQ


Flat out the best ceramic grill on the planet!
That may be a bold statement, but we invite you to look under the hood and see for yourself!

If you compare Kamado Joe Ceramic Grill with other ceramic grills on the market, you’ll soon recognize that Kamado Joe’s the best built grill on the market and that fit and finish are second to none! But there’s a lot more to a Kamado Joe grill than meets the eye…




The amazing wood-fire flavor you get when grilling on a Kamado Joe grill comes from the lump charcoal that ceramic grills are designed to use. Lump charcoal, unlike charcoal briquettes, is made from pieces of real wood, so it imparts a wonderful wood-fire flavor to your grilled food, a flavor you just won’t get from a gas grill!


Divide & Conquer!  

The patented Divide & Conquer Flexible cooking system is a revolutionary multi-level, half rack design that frees you to cook different foods in different styles at different temperatures all at the same time. 


System Parts


   Flexible Cooking System Rack                      Halved Cooking Grate


    Two Halved Heat Deflectors                                   Accessory Rack