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Landing Right Module

Original price $1,738.99 - Original price $1,738.99
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$1,738.99 - $1,738.99
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Dimensions: 52.2"W x 29.5"D x 32"H

Detail: Bring friends and family alike together with the “European rustic” design vibe of the new Landing collection. Featuring the nature-inspired texture of SOL Teak™ and new, earthy colors of Umber or Mica, Landing brings organic warmth to any outdoor space. Decisive, clean lines and an oblique back rest and back leg impart a modern, handmade feel to this collection. Find Landing in deep seating and sectional options. Group photos show cushions in 97-615 Ciao Charcoal and pillows shown in 24-615 Ciao Onyx.
Frame Finishes:

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