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Blaze 24” Fridge Trim Kit

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The purpose of the Blaze 24" Fridge Trim Kit is to give your Blaze refrigerator a modern, built-in appearance. Here are some salient features about it:

Compatibility: Blaze 24-inch outdoor freezers are the only ones for which this trim kit is intended. Verifying compatibility with the particular refrigerator type you own is crucial.

Material: Stainless steel, which not only complements the Blaze refrigerator's finish but also provides durability and resistance to outside elements, is usually used to make trim kits.

Design: The trim kit's design aims to blend your Blaze refrigerator in smoothly with outdoor kitchen cabinets or islands. It has a sleek, polished design that makes it look like an integrated appliance.

Installation: By following the manufacturer's directions, installing the trim kit typically just requires a few easy steps. Usually, the trim pieces are fastened around the refrigerator to make it flush with the surrounding cabinetry.

Appearance: After installation, the trim kit gives your outdoor kitchen setup a more unified, upscale appearance.

Functionality: The trim kit's main goal is to make the refrigerator installation seem better, but it also helps to create a tidy and clean finish by filling in any spaces that exist between the appliance and the surfaces around it.






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