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Broil King A Great Barbecue Every Time

At Broil King® we build a wide range of gas grills for people who want to enjoy a casual, relaxed style of every day outdoor living.

We are a barbecuing family who have been in the business of building high quality gas grills for over two decades. We take great pride in building performance and durability into the heart of each and every grill we make.

Our barbecues are enjoyed in more Canadian homes than any other brand and are showing up in more and more backyards and gardens across North America and Europe.

When you take home a Broil King you'll realize it's more than just a's a great barbecue, every time.


We at Patio Palace are proud to carry the Broil King Barbecue because it is a work horse of a barbecue and proudly made in North America. I have always told my customers the Broil King barbecue may not be as pretty as some of the off shore models sold elsewhere but it is cooking machine that you will get years of enjoyment from. Also because it is made in North America parts are readily available.


  Regal Series

Sovereign Series

Baron Series

 Signet Series

Monarch Series

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