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Top 5 Grilling BBQ Mistakes

Top 5 Grilling BBQ Mistakes

Top 5 BBQ Grilling MistakesSummer is here and grilling season is in full effect!

Before you fire up the grill, find out if you are making these top 5 BBQ grilling mistakes (and then correct them).

  1. No Propane
    No gas, no cooking.  Imagine you are hankering for a good steak dinner and off you go from work get home and only to realize you are out of fuel, or the beautiful gathering of friends is ruined because you begin grilling and halfway through you run out of gas. The best way to combat this is to be prepared.  Always check the level of propane in your tank.  Best of all invest in a backup tank and be sure it is filled at all times. Or consider a natural gas grill.

  1. Wrong Tools
    Do you know how to use the tools for the barbecue correctly? How often have you seen someone cooking a fragile piece of chicken or fish and attempt to flip it over with a pair of tongs, what a disaster!  Key utensils are important.  A really good set of tongs for flipping steak and hot dogs.  A large, heavy spatula that you can you for burgers, fish and delicate meats and vegetables.  Not only will your food look better it will make your cooking experience easier.

  1. Too Hot
    Overcooking your food. Remember cooking on a low to medium heat best cooks your foods steady and evenly.  Charring is not good and a burnt meal is not appealing.  Slow and steady goes the process.  Why not enjoy the barbecuing, take time to smell the roses and savour the experience!

  1. Undercooked Food
    Not sure how to use your meat thermometer well that too can be a disaster! Placement of the thermometer will vary the temperature of the food.  The best way is to take the temperature of the food from its side.  This will give you a better reading on the temps before you either overcook or undercook your masterpiece.

  1. Attitude
    We can explain... like most of us, we seem to feel that we can do it on the fly, no prep needed, no questions asked, just go with it! Well, when organizing a BBQ, setting the menu and preparing prior to the BBQ can be a lifesaver. Study what you are cooking, how long will it take, and what temperature best suits that type of cooking.  Line up the tools you will need.  Chose your flavours accordingly and research your meats.  A recipe is best followed if you spend some time pondering the flavours and the time it will take. Once you have this figured out in advance there is less of a chance of messing it up.  So each meal then is tasty and flawless. 

All of these common BBQ grilling mistakes can be easily fixed, especially now that you know how common they really are.

Good Luck Grill Master!
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